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Automating Expense Management: What CXOs and CPAs Really Worry About (and How to Solve Them)

March 28, 2024
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Automated expense management promises a revolution in streamlining processes and saving time.  However, implementing a new system can raise valid concerns. Let's explore some of the top anxieties  professionals have about making the switch:

Approval Bottlenecks: One Size Doesn't Fit All 

The Challenge: Rigid approval workflows can create bottlenecks, frustrate employees, and slow down the process. Imagine every expense request needing to climb a corporate ladder, regardless of amount or type. A $250 dinner receipt shouldn't require C-level approval!

The Solution: Look for a system with customizable routing rules. These rules allow you to tailor the approval process based on factors like expense type, amount, or department.

Andrew Gosselin, CPA | The Calculator Site

Cost Concerns: A Barrier for Small Businesses 

The Challenge: For smaller businesses, the upfront costs of software licenses, setup, and training can be a significant hurdle.

The Solution: Carefully consider the return on investment (ROI) before implementing a system.  While the initial cost may seem high, factor in the long-term savings from increased efficiency and reduced errors.  Many solutions offer tiered pricing plans to suit different business sizes.

Paul Carlson, CFO | Law Firm Velocity

Data Security Worries: Protecting Sensitive Information 

The Challenge: Automating expense management involves linking bank accounts and credit cards, which can raise data security concerns.

The Solution: Look for a system with robust security features like encryption and access controls.  Regular security audits and a commitment to data privacy are also essential.

Richard C. Ford, Founder | Hart Accounting Services

Integration Challenges: Playing Well with Others 

The Challenge: Ensuring seamless integration with existing accounting software and ERP systems is crucial to avoid workflow disruptions.

The Solution: Choose a system with strong integration capabilities and a proven track record of compatibility with various platforms.

Eran Mizrahi, CEO | Ingredient Brothers

Human Oversight: Automation Isn't Perfect 

The Challenge: While automation streamlines processes, it can't replace human oversight. Automation might miss key details like duplicate charges or miscategorizations.

The Solution: Maintain a healthy balance between automation and human review. Regular audits by qualified professionals can ensure data accuracy and catch any discrepancies the system misses.

James Wilkinson, CEO | Balance One Supplements

Change Management: Overcoming Resistance

The Challenge: Employees and managers accustomed to manual systems may resist the switch to automation.

The Solution: Implement a comprehensive change management strategy that includes user training and clear communication about the benefits of automation. Addressing team concerns and providing ongoing support will facilitate a smooth transition.

Stephen Keighery, CEO | Home Buyer

Adoption Blues: Training Makes the Difference 

The Challenge: Without proper training and support, employees may resist the new system, clinging to familiar spreadsheets.

The Solution: Invest in comprehensive training resources and ongoing user support. This can include power user programs, lunch-and-learns, and readily available reference guides. By ensuring user comfort with the new technology, you'll maximize its effectiveness.

Andrew Gosselin, CPA | The Calculator Site

Fyle: Your Expense Management Cure-All. Efficiency, Security, Integrations (and More!)

While concerns about expense management automation are valid, they shouldn't prevent you from reaping the efficiency benefits. Fyle is designed to address these very concerns, providing a comprehensive expense management solution that's secure, user-friendly, and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. Let’s take a look:

Multi-Level Approvals

No more rigid bottlenecks in approval workflows. Fyle’s advanced policy engine lets you create custom expense policies with ease. Set clear rules, including who needs approval, when receipts are required, and spending limits. These rules can be tailored to specific projects, departments, employees, or even merchants. Approvers can then conveniently review and approve expenses on the go using the mobile app, email, Slack, or Teams.


Forget hidden fees and shady billing practices! At Fyle, our pricing is simple and transparent. We only charge for active users, meaning those who submit an expense report in a month. There are no lock-in contracts, so you can cancel anytime with the freedom to easily export your data. 


Fyle takes a comprehensive approach to data security, using strong encryption, regular audits, and industry-standard protocols to safeguard your financial information. Here’s a closer look:

  • Secure logins: Uses Single Sign-On (SSO) with industry-standard protocols for user authentication.
  • Data encryption: All data is encrypted at rest and in transit using strong AES-256 encryption.
  • Regular security audits: Third-party vendors routinely test Fyle's applications for vulnerabilities.
  • Compliance: Fyle adheres to SOC 2 Type II compliance standards, ensuring robust security controls.
  • Restricted access: User roles and permissions control access to sensitive information.
  • Secure card storage: PCI DSS compliance ensures industry-best practices for credit card data security.


Fyle keeps you compliant before, during, and after expense creation.

  • Real-time policy checks: Fyle flags potential policy violations as employees enter expenses, preventing out-of-policy submissions. Depending on your settings, these expenses might be blocked, automatically capped, or routed for additional approval.
  • Smart duplicate detection: Fyle's built-in duplicate finder identifies potential duplicates and lets users merge them instantly, reducing errors and streamlining the process.

With automated safeguards at every step, Fyle empowers you to maintain continuous compliance for your organization.

Customer Support

Fyle offers the industry’s best support. Our customer success team is available 24/7 to ensure a smooth experience. We have a stellar 92% Customer Satisfaction Rating and the industry's fastest First Response Time of under 30 minutes.

Focus on your business, not implementation headaches. Fyle's expert team will get you up and running quickly—within just two weeks! Let us handle the heavy lifting so you can unlock the power of streamlined expense management.

Empowering Efficiency, Not Just Automation

Automating expense management can sound daunting. But what if a solution existed that addressed your concerns and empowered a truly efficient system?

Fyle's direct integrations with credit card networks, customizable workflows, robust security features, and seamless integrations eliminate common pain points, while award-winning support ensures a smooth transition. 

We go beyond basic automation, we set you up for expense management success. Schedule a demo today to find out how!

Effortless expense management for all business spends. Earned time, saved costs, improved productivity, happy employees - achieve it all with a single software.

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